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In order to save keystrokes, a lot of abbreviations have been in use. Here are some:

 ^5         High Five!
 2BCTND     To Be Continued
 2G4U       Too Good For You
 4YEO       For Your Eyes Only
 AFAIK      As Far As I Know
 AKA        Also Known As
 ASAP       As soon as possible
 AWHFY      Are We Having Fun Yet?
 AWGTHTGTTA Are We Going To Have To Go Through That Again
 AYPI       And Your Point Is?
 B4         Before
 BBL        Be Back Later
 BBIAF      Be Back in a Few
 BBIAB      Be Back in a Bit
 BCNU       Be Seein' You
 BEG        Big Evil Grin
 BFD        Big F***ing Deal
 BFN        Bye For Now
 BG         Big Grin
 BIF        Basic In Fact
 BRB        Be Right Back
 BTSOOM     Beats The S*** Out Of Me
 BTW        By The Way
 CM         Call Me 
 CUL8R      See You Later
 DUR?       Do You Remember?
 F2F        Face To Face
 FWIW       For What It's Worth
 FYA        For Your Amusement
 FYI        For Your Information
 FU         F***ed Up
 FUBAR      F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
 FOOBAR     same as FUBAR
 FUD        (Spreading) Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
 GAL        Get A Life
 GMTA       Great Minds Think Alike
 GR&D       Grinning Running And Ducking
 HHO 1/2 K  Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding
 HTH        Hope This(That) Helps
 IAE        In Any Event
 IANAL      I Am Not A Lawyer, But ...
 ICWUM      I See What You Mean
 IMO        In My Opinion
 IMHO       In My Humble Opinion
 IMNSHO     In My Not So Humble Opinion
 IOW        In Other Words
 IRL        In Real Life
 J4F        Just For Fun
 JK         Just Kidding
 KISS       Keep it Simple Stupid
 L8R        Later
 LOL        Laughing Out Loud
 LTNS       Long Time No See
 MorF       Male or Female
 MHOTY      My Hat's Off To You
 MOTD       Message Of The Day
 MOTSS      Members Of The Same Sex
 MTFBWU     May The Force Be With You
 NBIF       No Basis In Fact
 NFW        No F***ing Way
 NFC        No Further Comment
 NRN        No Reply Necessary
 NSFW       Not safe for work (used as tag for sexually explicit URLs)
 NT         No Text (used if a message is empty, Subject: only)
 OBO        Or Best Offer
 OBTW       Oh, By The Way
 OIC        Oh, I see
 OOTB       Out Of The Box (or Blue)
 OTOH       On The Other Hand
 POV        Point Of View
 PMFJI      Pardon Me For Jumping In
 ROTFL      Rolling On The Floor Laughing
 ROTFLMAO   Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
 RSN        Real Soon Now
 RTFM       Read The F***ing Manual
 RTM        Read The Manual
 RU         Are you?
 SITD       Still In The Dark
 SMTOE      Sets My Teeth On Edge
 SNAFU      Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
 SWAP       Scientific Wild Ass Guess
 SorG       Straight or Gay?
 T+         Think Positive
 TAFN       That's All For Now
 TANSTAAFL  There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
 TIA        Thanks In Advance
 TIC        Tongue In Cheek
 TMTT       Too Much To Type
 TTFN       Ta Ta For Now
 TTYL       Talk To You Later
 TTTT       To Tell The Truth
 TX         Thanks
 TYVM       Thank You Very Much
 unPC       unPolitically Correct
 UR         You are
 WAG        Wild Ass Guess
 WB         Welcome Back
 WEG        Wicked Evil Grin
 WRT        With respect to
 WTF?       What The F***?
 WTG        Way To Go!
 WYSIWYG    What You See Is What You Get
 X!         Typical Woman
 Y!         Typical Man
 YMMV       Your Mileage May Vary


Part of the nature of a good one-on-one conversation is the use of visual cues. How important are facial expressions and body gestures to a conversation? A simple eye movement can mean the difference between yes and YES. What about auditory cues? The results is the same as with visual cues.

One way to indicate emotion is to add <g> for 'Grin', or <bg> for 'Big Grin'.

A more complex way to indicate emotions are the smileys or emoticons. They are simple strings of characters that are interspersed in the e-mail text to convey the writer's emotions (cues). The most common example is :-). Turn your head to the left and you should see a happy face (the colon is the eyes, the dash is the nose and the parentheses is the mouth). Here are some more examples.

 :-)    smiley face (humour)
 :-))   laugh
 (-:    left handed smiley
 ;-)    wink (light sarcasm)
 :-|    indifference
 :->    devilish grin (heavy sarcasm)
 8-)    big-eyed smiley
 :-D    shock or surprise
 :-/    perplexed
 :-(    sad
 :-C    real unhappy
 :-P    wry smile
 ;-}    leer
 ;-(    crying
 :-*    kiss
 :-X    big wet kiss
 :-e    disappointment
 :    scream
 :-O    yell
 >;->   A very lewd remark was just made
 :-&    Tongue tied
 :-{}   wears lipstick
 O:-)   Angel smiley
 :-Q    Smoking smiley
 :-[    Vampire smiley

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