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In June 2002, during a tour through Central Europe, I briefly visited România. Coming from Hungary, I crossed over into România near Nadlac. From there I drove to Arad, then north through Chisineu to Oradea. That afternoon I drove east just getting into the beginnings of Transylvania. This is a very beautiful area with wooded hills and deep valleys. I didn't have a chance to see any Vampires since I was there only during the day    :-\).

Oradea was my overnight stop. I stayed in a fairly good hotel there. The next morning I headed back to Hungary.

România is the economically least developed of the central European countries. Most farm work is done by hand and with horse power. Horse drawn carts are everywhere. The cars on the roads are mostly Dacias. While the small cars in Poland, are descendants of the Italian Fiat, these are descendants of the French Renault. România started building them in the late 60's under license of Renault. In recent years the company experienced economical problems. France's Renault has now bought back the Dacia factory, which hopefully means that the company will be able to recover from the economic problems. There are also plenty of old Soviet era cars still around too.

The western parts are like the Puszta in Hungary, with the same type of buildings, the wells with the large wooden poles for drawing up the water, and the storks. Storks are even more plentiful in România than in the other central European countries.

Having heard stories about potential problems in România, I felt a little less comfortable driving around than I did in the other central European countries, but that may have been unjustified. The roads were not in quite as good a shape as in the other countries in the area, but at least in the part of România that I visited they were quite decent.

It is clear that România has a lot of catching up to do, compared with the other countries in Central Europe. Hopefully they will do so soon

All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn.

churchChurch styles are somewhat different than in the other countries around. (206k)
streetRomânian village. Streets are often unpaved. And their life stock is often on the streets. (251k)
daciaAn example of the most common cars in România, the Dacias. (268k)
horse cartHorse Cart. They are used frequently. (218k)
fieldworkMuch fieldwork is done by hand and with horses. (216k)
hayingEven harvesting hay is done by hand with a scythe. (253k)
shepherdShepherd with sheep dog. (256k)
puzstaPuszta in the western parts of România, similar to Hungary (124k)
puzsta wellPuszta well, it looks just like in Hungary (119k)
storknestStork nest on a utility pole. Every village at least one, often several nests. (202k)
storknest2Stork nest closeup. (215k)
transylvaniaView into the Transylvanian mountains. (224k)
transylvania2Valley in Transylvania. (238k)
transylvania3Valley in Transylvania. (251k)

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